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Tickety is your ticketing powerhouse – build your support system in minutes and scale it globally.

Compatible with your favorite frameworks.

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Accelerate Your SaaS Development

Tickety is a developer-centric tool designed for rapid deployment of customer support ticketing systems. It offers a seamless plug-and-play solution, enabling developers to integrate a comprehensive ticketing system into their projects quickly and economically. Through our npm package, developers gain access to flexible APIs that can be customized to fit any user interface, ensuring a tailored support experience without the complexity and high costs usually associated with such integrations. Ideal for developers seeking efficient, scalable customer service solutions.

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Shipping A New Idea ⏰

Without Tickety

  • 10 hrs – Building feature
  • 8 hrs – Setting up a server
  • 6 hrs – Creating a database schema
  • 5 hrs – Developing Ticketting logic
  • 4 hrs – Implementing user authentication
  • 3 hrs – Testing and debugging
  • 2 hrs – Writing documentation
Total: 38+ hours

With Tickety

  • 5 mins – Integrating Tickety SDK
  • 1 hr – Customizing to match brand
Total: less that 2 hours

Gain access to these features

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"Unleash your code's superhero cape with our npm package! We've fine-tuned the gears, so you can effortlessly integrate ticket management into your SaaS, with a sprinkle of customization magic. It's like giving your app superpowers, minus the radioactive spiders."

Daniel Alamezie

Greetings! I'm Daniel Alamezie 👨‍💻

Code whisperer, solution builder, and your friendly neighborhood developer. For over 4 years, I've been tinkering, typing, and occasionally breaking things in pursuit of one thing: solutions that sing.

My code odyssey has taught me that our greatest woes often inspire the most remarkable inventions. Take 'Tickety'—a beacon of organization in the chaos of customer support. Born from the pandemonium of 'Exoplate,' my poster marketplace, Tickety is my answer to the labyrinth of support tickets that developers dread.

  • Building bridges between problems and solutions.
  • Simplifying customer support for the creators of the world.
  • Empowering developers with sleek, seamless ticketing integration.

Why? Because I believe in the synergy of innovation and personality. Your brand deserves a ticketing system as unique as your vision. With Tickety, you wield the tools to sculpt a support experience that's truly yours, quirkiness included.